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V580 Inkjet Printer


▶Smart Cartridge with chips

▶Multilingual: Arabic, Spanish, English etc

▶Auto cleaning nozzle System;

▶Embedded ink system, Less Ink consumption


V580 Multi-lingual
Technical Specification  
Printable Lines Within 4 lines (5*5 dot)
Max.Font Matrix 32*32 dot matrix
Max.Print Speed 205m/min (6*8 dots)
Character Height 1.5-20mm, Can be widened 9 times
Printable Content Text, date,time, batch number, graphic, etc.
Print Distance 0-3cm 
Data Interface USB, Sensor, Encoder
Memory Capacity Up to 1000 messages
Ink color Black, blue, Red, Yellow etc.
Language Options English, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese,etc
Power source AC110V-380V 50Hz 


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Product Detail


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