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V380P White Ink Inkjet Printer


▶Smart Cartridge with chips

▶Constant temperature in nozzle   

Tapered Mixer Tank , Continuous stirring ink, No Less Deposit


CIJ inkjet printer V380P White Ink Inkjet Printer
Printable Lines 1- 6 lines
Max.Printable Dot Matrix 48*48 dot matrix
Printable Font Height 1.5mm-20mm adjustable Max can be widened 9 times
Max.Print Speed 1000 characters per second(5*7 dots)
Ink color White
Ink Type Pigment ink
Printhead Conduit Length 2.7m(customizable)
Memory Capacity Up to 1000 messages
Printable Content Date,time,lot number, serial number, batch etc.
Print Distance 30mm Max from printhead bottom to substance surface
Display Screen 8-inch full-color high-definition touch screen
 Power Source AC220V /50HZ/100W

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